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Archive Collections Portal

Archive Collections Portal

Worcester County Library's Special Collections can all be accessed physically at the Snow Hill branch. Included in the Special Collections are yearbooks for local high schools, ledgers for businesses, meeting minutes for local clubs, and more. 

Some of these collections have been digitized, and can be viewed on our CatalogIt page. 

If you have any questions about a collection, or would like to schedule a time to view one of the collections, please email or send us a message on this page.


By clicking on the name of the collection, it will take you to a page to view the entire finding aid. 


  • WR 1: Worcester County History Scrapbook 
    • This scrapbook was created in 1955 by Snow Hill High School Students Marcia Carey (1943- ) and Marianna Emanuele (1942-2015). It is a history class scrapbook that includes broad information such as the founding of Worcester County, Maryland. Also included is a list of officials as well as information about population, climate, geography, and industry for Worcester County, Maryland in 1955. There are also newspaper clippings on famous Worcester County individuals, prominent churches, organizations, and a few examples of advertisements from 1867.


  • WR 2: Old Homes of Worcester County Scrapbook 
    • The Old Homes of Worcester County Scrapbook contains pictures and descriptions of historic homes in the Worcester County area. Most of the homes mentioned are located in Berlin. The descriptions include who owned the house, how it was constructed, and information about the architecture. Also included are newspaper clippings that have been added to the scrapbook after its creation, but are related to some of the houses. Not all houses have pictures to accompany the descriptions.


  • WR 3: Amanda Dennis Poetry and Obituary Scrapbook 
    • The Amanda Dennis Poetry and Obituary Scrapbook collection contains multiple newspaper clippings. The newspaper clippings in the beginning of the scrapbook are published poems by Amanda Elizabeth Dennis (1841-1923). In the later part of the scrapbook, the newspaper clippings are about church gathers, events happening in Worcester County in the 1880s, and obituaries. The majority of the later newspaper clippings are of obituaries. The obituaries included range from Pennsylvania to the Eastern Shore.


  • WR 4: Snow Hill History Scrapbooks  
    • The Snow Hill History Scrapbooks collection contains two scrapbooks that discuss the history of Snow Hill and the All Hallows Episcopal Church. There are newspaper clippings, pamphlets, and other materials that paint a history of the town of Snow Hill and the All Hallows Episcopal Church. The timeline covers from the founding of Snow Hill in 1642 until the 1970s. The majority of the information pertains to the 20th century.


  • WR 5: Herbert Bounds Papers 
    • The Herbert Bounds Papers document an assortment of information. Included are genealogical notes on the Jackson family, notes on the history of the Ledger-Enterprise, newspaper clippings with miscellaneous information regarding Pocomoke City, and a National Guard appointment for 1928 to a S. James Schoolfield.


  • WR 6: Dickinson Family Records 
    • The Dickinson Family Records date from 1853-1927, with the majority of the documents dating from 1853-1871. This collection include letters, statements of account, invoices and receipts, notes and judgments, postcards, envelopes, and checks from various members of the Dickinson family. All the records in this pertain to some financial transaction. Also included is a money bag marked by the Pocomoke City Bank.


  • WR 7: Sue Whitehead Stock Records 
    • The Sue Whitehead Stock Records cover the time range of 1901-1905, 1920-1922, and 1931. From 1901-1905, there are four certificates Sue H. Whitehead ( - ) received for purchasing stocks in companies. From 1920-1922, there are a few correspondences between Whitehead and banks regarding stocks. Also included is a 1931 Christian Science Quarterly pamphlet.


  • WR 8: Stevenson Family Papers 
    • The Stevenson Family Papers cover the time frame of 1851-1910, with the bulk of the documents covering 1880-1900. Included is an interview of Hugh Saunders Stevenson (1823-1909), invoices, miscellaneous information about Worcester County, and the 1882 publication Industries of Maryland, A Descriptive Review of the Manufacturing & Mercantile Industries. The publication mentions businesses in Worcester County, such as Stevenson & Brothers

  • WR 9: Various War Papers & Water Surveys 
    • Included in the Various War Papers & Water Surveys collection are: various correspondences from Taylor family members (1852-1858), a letter from Aleck H. King detailing his capture by Yankee soldiers (1865), an Organizational Chart & Personnel of the Civilian Defense Corps of Berlin, Maryland (1941), and multiple water surveys for Pocomoke River, St. Martins River, & Sinepuxent Bay (1885-1916).

  • WR 10: Maryland Arcadia Papers 
    • The Maryland Arcadia Papers include correspondence, ephemera, brochures, envelopes, memos, and newsletters related to the planning and publication of Worcester County, Maryland’s Arcadia. Of importance is a 1977 House Resolution of the State of Maryland congratulating the authors, Reginald Van Trump Truitt (1890-1991) & Millard Grant Les Callette (1922-1977).


  • WR 11: Worcester County Historical Society Papers 
    • The Worcester County Historical Society Papers (1959-1978) contain newspaper clippings of accomplishments for the Worcester County Historical Society. Also included are correspondences regarding donations and a Worcester County Historical Society pamphlet.


  • WR 12: Berlin Tax Records 
    • The Berlin Tax Records include a ledger that has information on corporation taxes, money given to a tax collector, and delinquent taxes from 1902-1905.


  • WR 13: Innkeeper Ledger 
    • The Innkeeper Ledger is a book detailing the amount charged for individuals who purchased meals, drinks, food, “grog”, and lodging for an Inn in the Berlin, Maryland area of 1815-1817.


  • WR 14: Richard Phillips collection 
    • The Richard Phillips collection contains a scrapbook consisting of newspaper clippings regarding a wide range of topics related to the Ocean City and Berlin areas. The main topics that emerge are photos and explanations of important attractions on the Board Walk of Ocean City through the 20th century. Also included are newspaper clippings of women’s fashion at Ocean City in the early 20th century. There are also some newspaper clippings referring to the founding of Berlin.

      The folder in this collection contains information collected for the Old Homes of Worcester County group. Most of the collection includes correspondences of Reginald V. Truitt ( - ) trying to track down old home information. Included is a deed locating the Quaker burial ground near Worcester High School. This is important because Quakers do not use markers for their graves, meaning the burial site did not have an exact location for a long while. There is also mention of a Major Joshua Prideaux (1767-1836) of Worcester County, Maryland who owned a plantation and slaves in the late 18th century.


  • WR 15: Carl Monsees collection
    • The Thurston collection contains three photo albums created and published by Carl H. Monsees ( - ) along with a set of poems by W. C. Thurston and published by Carl H. Monsees ( - ). Two of the albums (1927) are titled The Historic Peninsula of Delaware, Maryland, Virginia. These albums give pictures of historic locations on the Eastern Shore with a brief description. The third album (1928) is titled Del-Mar-Va from the Air. This album has aerial shots of various towns through the Eastern Shore. The set of poems is titled “Little Journeys in Rhyme” and contains fifty poems.


  • WR 16: John Staton ephemera
    • The John Staton ephemera include a few ephemera pieces. Included is a 1912 recipe book for Amish cooking, a 1931 auction list for John W. Staton’s property, a 1933 program on possible tax reductions, and a 1935 cooking school program.


  • WR 17: Worcester County News collection
    • The newspaper clippings collected were done so with the intent that they are of special interest and concern to members of the Worcester County Government. Many topics are included throughout the collection. Some of the topics included are funding for the Assateague Island Bridge, taxes in Ocean City, mental health needs, and more. The newspaper articles collected range from 1955-1957.


  • WR 18: Isle of Wight papers
    • The Isle of Wight is located west of Ocean City. Before 1921, there was only a thin shell road connecting the island to the rest of Maryland. Then the Isle of Wight Water Company entered into an agreement with the owners of the Isle to construct a bridge. In the 1950s, there were plans to build a resort on the Isle. This never happened due to a fire destroying parts of the land in the late 1950s. Currently, the Ocean City Expressway (MD-90) runs over the Isle of Wight.


  • WR 19: Whaley Family records
    • The Whaley Family records contain checks of Emma Catherine Purnell Whaley (E. Kate P. Whaley) (1861-1935). These checks range from 1912-1915 and are made out to the Exchange & Savings Bank of Berlin, Maryland. Also included are three letters to Thomas James Whaley (1862-1915) concerning settlements of the Gault property.


  • WR 20: Circuit Court Bills collection
    • The Circuit Court Bills collection contains invoices sent out to specific members of the community regarding fees for Worcester County. These invoices occur from 1891-1896. Some of the bills have notes that go with them explaining what the fees are for. Most deal with leasing grounds for businesses.


  • WR 21: Snow Hill Woman’s Club records
    • The Snow Hill Woman’s Club records document the clubs history from its founding in 1928 until their dissolve in 1941. Every meeting they had is documented in their meeting minutes. These minutes include information on the budget, activities they are planning, new members, members who have died, and other administrative details. The meetings occur from January-March and September-December of a given year. One of the long-term projects the Snow Hill Woman’s Club had was raising money to for a war memorial. After four years of operation, the club was able to erect a bronze tablet memorializing the names of those who fought in the war and are from Worcester County. This tablet was placed in front of the Snow Hill Court House on Memorial Day of 1932. Another heavily documented long-term project was how the Snow Hill Woman’s Club continually provided fundraisers to help support the Snow Hill Library. The Snow Hill Woman’s Club was heavily involved with the library, and was a very supportive group. In the later parts of the 1930s, the Snow Hill Woman’s Club began collaborating more heavily with other Woman’s Clubs on the Eastern Shore.


  • WR 22: Annual Church Conferences collection
    • The Annual Churches Conference collection includes the journals and yearbooks of the yearly meeting of all Eastern Shore Methodist Churches, Methodist Episcopal Churches, and Methodist Protestant Churches. These annual conferences were held in many cities on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Delaware. Included are twenty-four of the official yearbooks and journals for the annual conference. The years covered are 1920-1967.

      The journals include various advertisements, meeting minutes, alphabetical and chronological roll of elders, deacons, probationers, retired and supernumeraries. Also included are reports of treasurers, memberships, schools, committees, and ordinations. There is also a directory of the local preachers in the area.


  • WR 23: Snow Hill High School collection
    • The Snow Hill High School collection mostly contains the yearbooks that the Snow Hill High School has released. Although this collection does not include every year’s yearbook, it does cover many years from 1904-2011. However, the majority of the yearbooks cover the years of 1928-1976.

      The Snow Hill High School has changed the name of their yearbooks a few times. The yearbook names included in this collection are: “Fifteen-Two”, “The Representative”, “Round Up”, “The Keyhole”, “Eagle’s Eye”, and “Traces”.

      Also included in this collection are various memorabilia pieces that pertain to the Snow Hill High School. These memorabilia pieces include newspaper clippings, handbills, programs, graduation announcements, and class notes.


  • WR 24: Stockton High School collection

    • The Stockton High School collection allows for a glimpse into what school was like in the early 1930s. Included in this collection is two of Stockton High School’s collection, “The School Bugle” that discusses the student body. The editions included are the 1931 and 1932 June volumes. The newspapers ask for student’s mottos, news about commencement, and other miscellaneous articles. “The School Bugle” also mentions activities happening in Worcester County from Pocomoke City to Berlin.

      There are also three programs for plays and other performances that were developed and performed by the Stockton High School student body. One such performance was singing “Queen Esther’s Petition” by the Stockton High School Glee Club.



  • WR 26: Worcester High School Yearbook collection

    • The Worcester High School Yearbook collection contains one 1967 yearbook from the Worcester High School. This yearbook includes many black and white photographs of students who attended Worcester High School. Included in the yearbook are photographs of the 1967, 1968, 1969, and 1970 classes. There are also detailed information and photographs of all the clubs offered at Worcester High School.


  • WR 27: Snow Hill Middle School Yearbook collection

    • The Snow Hill Middle School collection contains a 1985 and 1986 yearbook from the Snow Hill Middle School. The yearbooks include many black and white photographs of students who attended the Snow Hill Middle School. Included in the yearbook are detailed information and photographs of all the clubs offered at Snow Hill Middle School.

      Also included in the collection are a few newspaper clippings. The newspaper clippings discuss students who were honored, Janice Ward (Library Media Specialist) winning an award, and the new program dedicated to teaching Snow Hill Middle School students about computers.


  • WR 28: Stephen Decatur High School Yearbook collection

    • The Stephen Decatur High School Yearbook collection contains yearbooks that the Stephen Decatur High School has released. Although this collection does not include every year’s yearbook, it does cover many years from 1955-1983. However, the majority of the yearbooks cover the years of 1955-1968.


  • WR 29: Pocomoke High School Yearbook collection

    • The Pocomoke High School collection mostly contains the yearbooks that the Pocomoke High School has released. Although this collection does not include every year’s yearbook, it does cover many years from 1953-1982.

      Also included in this collection are various memorabilia pieces that pertain to the Pocomoke High School. These memorabilia pieces include graduation programs and invitations, newspaper clippings, and publications.

      The collection also contains items from Pocomoke High School’s former names, Newtown High School, and Boston Public School.


  • WR 30: Worcester County Bicentennial records 

    • The Worcester County Bicentennial records document the planning and implementation of the bicentennial celebration for Worcester County. The majority of the collection is centered round financial information. The financial documents included are donations, payments to companies, phone bills, and a full ledger. There are also meeting minutes that discuss what the committee is hoping to accomplish. Also included are newspaper clippings from local Worcester County newspapers discussing the progress of the Worcester County Bicentennial celebration. There are also promotional material regarding general bicentennial information, county and state wide.


  • WR 31: University of Maryland Eastern Shore Yearbook collection

    • The University of Maryland Eastern Shore Yearbook collection contains one 2014 yearbook from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. This yearbook includes color photographs of students who graduated from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore. The photographs include only those that graduated in 2014. There are also detailed information and photographs of many clubs, Greek life, sports, events such as homecoming, leadership retreats, the actual graduation, and pictures of every graduate organized by last name.


  • WR 32: Ocean City Elementary School collection

    • The Ocean City Elementary School collection contains one newspaper clipping regarding the Ocean City Elementary School. The newspaper clipping was published in the Democratic Messenger in October 23, 1947. The title of the clipping is “The Largest First Grade in History of Ocean City (Md.) School”. Included is a picture of the forty-six first grade students enrolled in Ocean City Elementary School in 1947, along with everyone’s name.


  • WR 33: Worcester County Public Schools collection
    • This collection contains publications and records regarding Worcester County Public Schools and the Board of Education. This includes calendars, reports, handbooks, and other documents regarding the daily operation and workings of the school system.


  • WR 34: Worcester County Telephone Book collection

    • The Worcester County Telephone Book collection contains thirty-one telephone directories that cover the Worcester County, Maryland area. Of special interest are the 1940, 1943, and 1945 telephone directories as they resemble the original directories. The 1960-1987 telephone directories cover the Area code 301 of Somerset and Worcester County residents.


  • WR 35: Berlin Merchandise Store Ledger

    • The Berlin Merchandise Store Ledger collection contains two ledgers. These ledgers are from a merchandise store in Berlin, Maryland. Inscribed on one of the ledgers is: “J. H. Primrose, Smyrna [Delaware] Agent for the American Sewing Machine”.

      The first ledger is leather bound and is a general account ledger with customer names and the amount they owe. The second is a cloth bound daybook that contains the same information, the names of people and how much money they owe.


  • WR 36: Lumber Store Ledger

    • The Lumber Store Ledger collection contains one daybook and one journal. Both are filled with information on purchases made. Included in both are the names of people who have purchased products, how much their tab is, and if it was paid or not. The entries pertain to logging operations and the purchase and sale of lumber products.

  • WR 37: Eastern Shore Biography collection

    • The Eastern Shore Biography collection contains a published 1898 book titled “Portrait and Biographical Record of the Eastern Shore of Maryland”. This publication is split in two sections. The first section has an image and description of every US President up to the time of publication. The second section includes images and descriptions for prominent individuals on the Eastern Shore of Maryland. The counties covered are Caroline, Dorchester, Kent, Queen Anne’s, Somerset, Talbot, Wicomico, and Worcester County.

      Also included in this collection is an index for every individual and their location in the publication. The index was created in 1982 by Lottie Holsten, a library volunteer.


  • WR 38: White Front Drug Store Ledger

    • The White Front Drug Store Ledger collection contains two ledgers. These ledgers are from a drug store located in Berlin, Maryland. Both ledgers contain dates, names, debits, credits, and pharmaceuticals sold from the White Front Drug Store. The first ledger has a hand drawn map of the Warren Tract.

  • WR 39: Berlin General Store Ledger

    • The Berlin General Store Ledger collection contains two ledgers. These ledgers are from an unnamed general store located in Berlin, Maryland. One ledger contains the name of ever person who had an account with the store. The other ledger contains dates, names, debits, credits, and products sold from the general store.

  • WR 40: John R. Purnell & Co. Ledger

    • The John R. Purnell & Co. Ledger collection contains four ledgers. On Day Book No. 6, the name of the company is clearly labeled. This business also appears to be located in Berlin, Maryland. One of the ledgers is an order book for meals, bran, middling’s/fodder, and wood for the years of 1897-1899. Day Book No. 4 contains daily records for meal and flour sold for the year 1900. Day Book No. 6 and the Day Book have mostly middling/fodder sales for the year of 1901.


  • WR 42: Thomas J. Whaley Ledger

    • The Thomas J. Whaley Ledger collection contains six ledgers. Included is a 1901 Small Account Day Book, a 1902-1905 Day Book with lumber purchases, a 1904-1905 Day Book B with names and prices, a 1905-1906 Day Book B with delivery tickets from Berlin Brick Co., a 1908-1910 Day Book F with names and prices, a 1910 Day Book G with names and places, and a 1901 Small Accounts Day Book.


  • WR 43: Brittingham Bible

    • The Brittingham Bible collection contains a family bible of the Brittingham family. The owner appears to be a Sue Brittingham (1833 - ). Some of the Brittingham family members are from Hannibal, Missouri and the others are from Worcester County Maryland.


  • WR 44: Maryland Historical Society Publications

    • The Maryland Historical Society Publications collection contains thirteen articles that were published through the Maryland Historical Society. Each publication discusses historical events in Maryland. Of importance and relevance to Worcester County is the 1926 publication titled “The Worcester County Militia of 1794”. This article discusses how the militia was formed, and then gives the name of each person who served in the Worcester County, Maryland militia.


  • WR 45: Records of the Worcester County Extension Office
    • The Worcester County Extension Office documented the activities and education of local farmers and their families through agricultural demonstrations, test farming, and the formation of 4-H clubs, Womens clubs, and educational initiatives throughout Worcester County. The records begin with the formation of the Extension Office in 1914 through the University of Maryland.


  • WR 46: The Style Shop records

    • The Style Shop records collection contain financial documents of The Style Shop located in Snow Hill, Maryland. The Style Shop was in business for 29 years from 1926-1955. The Style Shop was mainly a hat shop for women’s fashion. The owner of the business for the entire 29 years was Lottie Fooks (1890-1981), a local of Snow Hill, Maryland.

      Included in the collection are financial records of The Style Shop. These records include invoices and receipts of purchases made by Lottie Fooks to suppliers. Also included are checks from 1939-1941. There are also three Day Books from 1952-1954.


  • WR 48: Kennedy Magazine collection

    • The Kennedy Magazine collection chronicles the JFK assassination from November 1963 until 1965. There are two focuses in the collection. The first focus is on John F. Kennedy’s legacy following the assassination, with some information on the assassination. The other focus is how Jacqueline (Jackie) Kennedy reacted to the assassinating until 1965.


  • WR 50: Worcester County Maps Collection
    • The Worcester County Maps collection contains over 50 maps. These maps cover the areas of Worcester County, the Eastern Shore, and Maryland as a whole. Due to the size of the maps, the majority of the collection has not been digitized.


  • WR 52: Historic Postcard collection

    • The Historic Postcard collection contains ~500 postcards. Most postcards are of Ocean City from 1960-1980. However, a few of the postcards are from the early 1900s for Snow Hill, Pocomoke City, Berlin, Showell, and Public Landing.

      The Postcards are digitized and can be viewed on our Flickr page here:


  • The Historic Slides of Worcester County collection contains ~3000 photographs of Worcester County, Maryland.  The photographs are of important events in Worcester County history from 1890-1980. Many photographs that have been donated to the collection are not physically located at Worcester County Library. There are overlaps of these slides with other collections relating to photographs. For more information on this, please contact the Snow Hill Library.
  • About ~1000 slides are of Worcester County Library during many years. These photographs cover the opening of new buildings, remodeling, and other interesting events for Worcester County Library from 1960-1980.
  • The slides are digitized and can be viewed on our Flickr page here:



  • WR 59: Johns Hopkins University Studies Collection
    • The Johns Hopkins University Studies Collection contains publications in the Historical and Political Science department from 1892 to 1911. These publications included a paper written by a faculty member of JHU or another institution, and were published monthly by The Johns Hopkins Press. The publications are given series number. Most of the publications in this collection contain papers on the topic of Maryland politics and history.


  • WR 60: Zadok P. Henry collection
    • This collection consists of correspondence, wills, deeds and miscellaneous papers assembled by Zadok P. Henry, a medical doctor from Berlin, MD. Several items relate to the Henry family, though some are from other Worcester County families.


  • WR 63: Worcester County Farm Bureau Records
    • The Worcester County Farm Bureau Collection consists of materials covering the history and events of the Worcester County Farm Bureau. All the records listed are from the mid to late 20th century, and consist of scrapbooks, correspondence, and newspaper articles.


  • WR 65: John S. Hill Collection
    • The John S. Hill Collection is comprised of a series of documents collected by John S. Hill over the course of his life time. These files include the school records of his family members, programs and invitations for school events, personal, academic, and professional correspondence, and his own writing in the form of poetry, books, and other publications.



  • WR 67: Kensey Pocomoke River Collection

    • The Kensey Pocomoke River Collection contains Charles C. Kensey’s research notes on boats over the Pocomoke River. This research was done in 1966, and was used to publish a pamphlet titled “The Pocomoke River” that same year. The pamphlet was published by Tingle Printing Company in Pittsville, Md. It contained notes on the geography of the river, the wildlife, steamboats and their captains, and homes, churches, wharfs, and landings along the river.


  • WR 68: WWI Records
    • The WWI Records contains various lists of men and women who served in World War I. Towns include Berlin, Snow Hill, Ocean City, Pocomoke City, Girdletree, Stockton, Newark and Whaleyville. Also, a list of men and one woman whose names do not appear on the list of inductions from Worcester County.


  • WR 69: Ernestine Bailey Papers
    • The Ernestine Bailey Papers are an assortment of documents pertaining to Black history in Worcester County. This includes information on the founding of Ebenezer Methodist Church, in Snow Hill, Maryland in 1869. Also included are programs from events held at the church, including those of the Worcester County Branch of the National Association for Advancement of Colored People, founded in 1944. Also included are programs and newspaper articles about awards given to Black members of the community from 1992-1993. Also a membership card for the Maryland State Colored Teachers’ Association and Maryland School Bulletin from Lenora Drummond, who went on to become the secretary for the Worcester County NAACP.


  • WR 70: Snow Hill Mennonite School Collection
    • This collection consists of yearbooks from The Snow Hill Mennonite School in Snow Hill, Maryland. The school is for 1st to 12th grade students who are members of the congregation of the Snow Hill Mennonite Church, and focuses on education from that religious perspective. The yearbooks cover the years from 1987-1997.


  • WR 71: Klej Grange Collection
    • ​​​​​​​This collection contains an 1881 sales booklet on “Klej Grange”.  This name represented about 5000 acres of land situated in Worcester County, Maryland.  The booklet gives information on purchasing land in this area, and advice on lifestyle, churches, occupations and sanitary regulations.  A map is included.


  • WR 74: Girdletree High School Collection
    • ​​​​​​​This collection includes items pertaining to Girdletree High School. It consists of one booklet from Girdletree High School, in Girdletree, Maryland.  The dates are September 15, 1903- June 15, 1904.  It lists the teacher, trustees, and pupils.


  • WR 76: The Great Pocomoke Fair Collection
    • ​​​​​​​This collection contains booklets, programs, microfilm pages and articles pertaining to the Great Pocomoke Fair in Pocomoke City, Maryland, which ran from 1901-1930. Also included is a Season Ticket to the Pocomoke Fair of 1912, and a Pocomoke City Postcard.


  • WR 77: Winnie Dryden Notebook

    • ​​​​​​​The Winnie Dryden Notebook contains newspaper clippings and a Composition Book belonging to Winnie Dryden of Snow Hill; all pertaining to World War I soldiers.  Some clippings refer to local soldiers from the eastern shore. Other miscellaneous clippings are not specific to Worcester County.  The composition book has handwritten notes and clippings pasted inside, including World War I soldier clippings and poems.


  • WR 78: Buckingham High School collection
    • ​​​​​​​The Buckingham High School collection contains items related to Buckingham High School in Berlin, Maryland. The collection currently consists of a commencement announcement for the class of 1906.



  • WR 81: Charles A. Hales Papers
    • ​​​​​​​The Charles A. Hales Papers contain financial papers from various Snow Hill businesses between 1941-1958. This includes checks, receipts, invoices, statements, and fundraiser requests​​​​​​​.
  • WR 83: Docket for Vehicle Trial Magistrates
    • The Docket for Vehicle Trial Magistrates consists of a single logbook documenting the motor vehicle cases in Worcester County, Maryland from 1939 to 1941. There are a few loose papers inside the docket related to the vehicle trials as well.


  • WR 84: American Field Service Clubs Collection
    • This collection pertains to exchange students coming to Worcester County and living with local families and attending school as part of the American Field Service program. Included are newspaper clippings, photographs, pamphlets, graduation announcements, and letters. The dates covered are 1960-1986.



  • WR 87: Worcester County Budget
    • The Worcester County Budget records contains levies, budget documents, pamphlets and financial statements pertaining to the Worcester County Board of County Commissioners. The records span from 1950 to 1976.


  • WR 88: Dale Wimbrow Collection
    • ​​​​​​​Peter Dale Wimbrow was an American composer, musician, writer, and radio personality born in Whaleyville, Maryland in 1895. During the 1920s and 1930s, he performed and wrote under a variety of aliases, such as 'The Del-Mar-Va Songster', 'The Mississippi Minstrel', and Peter Dale. After retiring from the musc business, he concentrated on writing poetry and founded a Florida newspaper, the Indian River News.


  • WR 92: To the People of Maryland
    • ​​​​​​​A flyer urging Maryland voters to vote for the Democratic-Republican candidate over the Federalist Party candidate during the 1808 election, and lists several reasons for doing so.


  • WR 99: Notebook of Littleton Purnell Franklin
    • ​​​​​​​Littleton Purnell Franklin was a state senator from Worcester County who was present when the Constitution of Maryland was drafted in 1867. Originally a graduate of Yale University, he was trained as a lawyer before retiring to the family farm due to his poor health. This served to launch his career in politics, which was cut short when he died from typhoid fever at age 58.


  • WR 100: William D. Pitts Collection
    • This collection contains 19,780 items of land survey records relating to Worcester County and lands just beyond the County's borders. Materials date from 1677 to 1982.


  • ​​​​​​​WR 101: Katherine Etchison Stevens Collection
    • ​​​​​​​Katherine Etchison Stevens was a schoolteacher in Pocomoke City, Maryland who assembled a series of scrapbooks documenting Worcester County life and history from the late 19th to mid 20th centuries. The scrapbooks contain both newspapers and original photographs.



  • ​​​​​​​WR 104: March 1962 Snowstorm 
    • In March of 1962, a massive nor'easter devastated the US East Coast. Although no snow was dumped on the Eastern Shore, the storm still caused extensive damage due to the high waves, wind, and sand burials. Witnesses assembled this scrapbook, augmented with newspapers coverage and retrospectives of the storm.


  • WR 105: Atlantic Coastal Bays Protection Maps
    • ​​​​​​​The Atlantic Coastal Bays Protection Maps collection consists of maps of Worcester County compiled by geographic information scientists to assist planners and builders with the planning and development process. The primary concern was to make sure that developers were compliant and aware of the Atlantic Coastal Bays Protection Act, passed in 2002 by the Maryland General Assembly.


  • WR 108: Maryland Pictorial Collection
    • ​​​​​​​The Maryland Pictorial Collection was a collaborative project between local educators and the state Department of Education to highlight the natural and human environment as well as selected artifacts from Maryland’s different regions.



  • WR 120: Nancy Pridgeon Collection
    • ​​​​​​​The Nancy Pridgeon Collection documents cover stories written by Nancy Pridgeon for the Snow Hill Express between 1987 and 1988.


  • ​​​​​​​WR 121: Daily Times Feature Photograph Collection
    • ​​​​​​​A variety of photographs taken by photographers for the Salisbury Daily Times newspaper. Although none of the photographs document who took them, the descriptions on the backs of photographs have been transcribed into the descriptions on Flickr. The bulk of the collection consists of photographs dated from the 1980s to 1990s, and is accompanied by newspaper clippings and negatives.
    • ​​​​​​​


  • ​​​​​​​WR 122: Stewart Dobson Photo Collection
    • ​​​​​​​A variety of photographs taken by Stewart Dobson for the Ocean City Today newspaper. The bulk of the collection consists of photographs dated from the 1990s to 1990s.


  • WR 124: Howard & Louise Adkins Collection
    • ​​​​​​​The Howard & Louise Adkins collection consists of rent books, records, ledgers, and ephemera from various area businesses and churches ranging from 1839 to 1970. The bulk of the collection is made up of ledgers and rent books for a local canning business and tomato grading, as well as personal bank balances and time sheets for factory employees.


  • ​​​​​​​WR 126: George W. Bishop Collection
    • ​​​​​​​A collection of three letter books on onion paper listing the professional correspondence and contacts of George W. Bishop, a Worcester County doctor and businessman for the years 1863-1897.​​​​​​​


  • WR 128: Worcester County Library History Collection
    • ​​​​​​​The Worcester County Library History Collection documents the history, impact, and activities of the Worcester County Library system. The collection includes official papers such as meeting minutes, photographs, treasurer's reports, correspondence, and construction blueprints and floor plans. 


  • ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​WR 131: The Methodist Protestant
    • ​​​​​​​ The Methodist Protestant was the official newspaper of the Methodist Protestant Church founded in the 1840s. The newspaper covered events related to the denomination such as annual conferences, as well as select news on a local, regional, national, and international scale in addition to reader supplements, editorials, and religious columns.​​​​​​​
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