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Local History, Special Collections, and Genealogy

Family Folders and Charts

We include a note of caution here: These folders and tree charts were submitted by a variety of local researchers over many years. Therefore, if you choose to make photocopies, that information should be validated and verified by your own research documentation.

If you would like to learn more about what is one of the folders, please email

(The information below is arranged by the File number, followed by Chart or File (C or F) and Family Name)

0 C: Purnell WR25-1-0
Family Tree by Dr. George E. Purnell 1890
Thomas Purnell d 1695 Northampton Co VA m Elizabeth Dorman

1 F: Barnes
Sons of American Revolution membership application papers
Wilson King Barnes, born 1907, descended from Thomas Barnes (1759-1811) of Worcester County

2 C: Selby-Gunby WR25-18-2 
Ancestry chart of James Selby, died 1802 (descended from Daniel Selby, died 1696, and Mary Parker) married Mary (Polly) Gunby... with notes and citations

3 C: Bishop-Bowen WR25-4-3 Chart B 
Henry Bishop, died 1686, married 2) 1661 Ann Bowen
Descendant Dorothy/Dolly Bishop (1781-1842) married 1)1803 
William Marshall(1767-1816)
Marshall family Copied from records compiled by WR Bishop (1960) and CB Bishop (1963) 

4 F: Williams
Obituary of Rev Charles Hilary Williams born 1850 Berlin -died 1937 Snow Hill 

5 C: Bishop-Bowen WR25-4-5 Chart A 
Henry Bishop, died 1686, married 2) 1661 Ann Bowen
Descendant Ann Bishop married 1801 Capt. John Bishop (1763-1829)
Scarborough, Spencer families

6 C: Bishop-Bowen WR25-4-6 Chart C 
Henry Bishop, died 1686, married 2) 1661 Ann Bowen
Descendants of Dorothy/Dolly Bishop married 2) 1817 Capt. John Bishop (1763- 1829) and George Bishop (1790-1868) married 2) 1839 Louisa Dennis (1806-1860)
Covington family

7 C: Bishop-Bowen WR25-4-7 
Henry Bishop, died 1686, married 2) 1661 Ann Bowen
Chart prepared by Charles Bishop for Reginald Truitt with notes including one to "Discard chart. I have no use for it."

8 C: Bishop-Stewart WR25-4-8 
Dr. Smith Bishop, died 1783 married 1774 Hannah Stewart (1745-1807)
Member of Provincial Convention Unplaced Bishop family
Cottman family

9 None

10 F: Boston
Ancestry chart of Mary Ella Boston (1782-1941) married Edward Samuel Lee Davis (1864-1919)
Charted descendants of Henry Boston (1620-1671)

11 C: Bratten-Hopkins WR25-5-11 
John Bratten born 1723 married Temperance Hopkins born 1727
Based on work of Rev. CHB Turner (MHS Filing Case A)

F: Bratten-Hopkins
List of families on Chart WR25-5-11 

12 C: Dennis-Holland WR25-6-12 
John Upshur Dennis (1793-1851) married 3)1828 Louisa Jane Holland (1819-1900)
Notes by Charles B. Bishop 

13 C: Dennis WR25-6-13 
Ancestors and descendants of Judge John Upshur Dennis (1793-1851) and his three wives Elizabeth Dashiell, Maria Elizabeth Robertson and Louisa Jane Holland
Based on Dennis& Co. by Lynn Perry (1963) 

14 F: Lankford
Margaret Myrtle Lankford, daughter of William E. Lankford and Laura Pilchard

15 C: Onley WR25-7-15
Descendants of William Onley (1796-1854) and Ann Maria ____ (1804-1853)

16 C: Richardson-Bratten WR25-5-16
Descendants of John Bratten born 1723 and Temperance Hopkins born 1727
Descendants of Benjamin Richardson and Catherine Bratten
Descendants of Amelia Bowen (1794-1864) m1) Levin Conner m2) Joseph Richardson 
Based on records of Rev CHB Turner MHS Case A-83

17 C: Richardson-Smith WR25-8-17
Robert Richardson died 1682 m Susanna Smith
Descendants of Tabitha Richardson and Parker Selby, d 1705; Charles Richardson, 1670-1707, and Mary Bratten; Sarah Richardson and Thomas Mumford 

18 C: Richardson, Smith WR25-8-18
Descendants of David Richardson
Descendants of John Walter Smith 

19 C: Rowley WR25-9-19 Chart B (1807-1963)
Richard Rowley died 1807
Descendants of Arthur Rowley, died 1818, and Elizabeth Scarborough (1768-1830) 

20 C: Rowley WR25-9-20 Chart A Missing

F: Rowley 
Photocopy of a portion of Chart A which appears to be duplicate of Chart B
Descendants of James Rowley and Elizabeth Ann Powell married in Worcester then removed to Phila area 

21 C: Rowley-Jones WR25-9-21
Descendants of Sally Ann Rowley (1826-1889) and Jesse S. Jones (1822-1899) 

22 F: Spence
Reprint of biography from Encyclopedia of American Biography (1938)
Thomas Humphries Spence, born 1867

23 F: Timmons
Lineal descent from Thomas Timmons to Abijah Timmons, died ca 1828 Morgan Co, GA
Brief family history with charts
Generation chart of Annanias Timmons, born 1777 Worcester CO- died 1849 Ross Co, OH
Descendants of Fanny Duncan, born 1819 Worcester Co-died 1878 Shelby Co, MO, and Levi D. Duncan, born 1811 Worcester Co--died ca 1846, Shelby Co, MO
Biography of Rev. Stephen Timmons (1769-1849) son of Thomas Timmons and Mary Clarkson
Timmons Family Bible with notes
Family Groups of Ananias Timmons (1777-1849) ? son of Samuel and Leah
Reprint of magazine article

24 F: Upshur
Biographical sketch of Abel Parker Upshur
Upshur Family Bible Record John Upshur, 17 September 1741- 5 September 1799 Nothampton County, VA
Lineal descent from Arthur Upshur (1624-1709) to Priscilla Upshur, born 1874, who married Harry F. Covington, professor at Princeton University

25 F: Whaley 
Notes from English Record of the Whaley Family and its Branches in America (1901)
Whaleys of Whaleyville, MD 1987
William Whaley (1750 MD-1795) and Hannah Round Family group and Ancestor charts 
Biographical sketches of William and Hannah Round Whaley and daughter Mary Whaley
1991 letter of C. J. Graham of Utah containing sources sources for William and Hannah Whaley family
Copy of 1795 will and inventory of William Whaley
Brief History of William Whaley 
William Whaley's Revolutionary War service from National Archives
Lineal descent of Barbara Marsh from Elijah Whaley (1792 MD-1859 MO)
Whaleys in Somerset, Worcester and Nearby Counties-An Index

26 C: Dennis WR25-6-26
John Upshur Dennis (1793-1851) ancestors and descendants
The Dennis Family by John U. Dennis 1890- MHS
Dennis & Co by Lynn Perry 

27 C: Purnell-McClemmy WR25-2-27 Chart B-1 1/2
Descendants of John Fisher Purnell (1795-1871) and Elizabeth Bowen 

F: Purnell
William Henry Purnell (1836-1903)
Article prepared for Dictionary of American Biography

28 F: Holland
Notes and abstracts gathered in attempt to identify first husband of Tabitha ____ Holland Dale

29 C: Spence WR25-10-29
Senator John Selby Spence (1788-1840) m 1814 Maria Purnell (1798-1829)

30 F: Child
Ancestors of Edgar Child, born 1890, son of Alfred Child and Jennie M. Godfrey, married Gladys Blades

31 C: Purnell-McClemmy WR25-2-31 Chart B
Descendants of William Purnell (1720-1781) and two wives Sarah Ratcliffe and Mary Fassit: Charles Irving Purnell, b 1829, and Marcelene Roby 

32 None

33 C: Purnell-McClemmy WR25-2-33 Chart B-2
Ancestors and descendants of Dr. George E. Purnell (1863-1961) compiler of 1890 Purnell Family Tree

34 C: Purnell-McClemmy WR25-2-34 Chart B-1A
Descendants of Matthew Purnell (1791-1857) and Euphemia Duncan (1801-1855)

35 F: Moore-Horsey
Ancestor chart of Dr. William Moore, d 1796, m Nancy Horsey 1756-1790
Outerbridge Horsey family chart of Nancy Horsey

36: C: Smith- WR25-12-36
John Walter Smith (1739-1799) m Polly _______ (1744-1819)

37 F: Handy-Winder
Bible Record of Richard Henry Handy, 1771-1826, with notes by Caroline Hargis

38 C: Purnell-Dorman WR25-3-38 Chart D-1A
Elisha Purnell (1706-1767) m Mary Selby 

39 C: Purnell-Dorman WR25-3-39 Chart D-2
Elisha Purnell (1706-1767) m Mary Selby 

40 C: Purnell-Dorman WR25-3-40 Chart D-1B
Elisha Purnell (1706-1767) m Mary Selby 

41 C: Purnell-Dorman WR25-3-41 Chart D-1
Elisha Purnell (1706-1767) m Mary Selby 

42 C: Laws-Bosman WR25-13-42
John Laws d 1677 m 1671 Katherine Bosman Nelson, widow

43 C: Truitt-Watson WR25-14-43 Chart A
George Truitt d 1690
Children of Capt Peter Truitt (1810-1889)
Nancy Truitt m John Scarborough
Jesse Jones Truitt m Madelene Brimer
Capt. George W. Truitt m Gertrude Purnell

44 C: Truitt-Watson WR25-14-44 Chart C
George Truitt d 1690
Children of Capt Peter Truitt (1810-1889)
Sewll Truitt m May Gutrie
Rev, Horace Truitt m Ida Lee Taylor

45 C: Truitt-Watson WR25-14-45 Chart D
George Truitt d 1690
Children of Capt Peter Truitt (1810-1889)
John S. Truitt m Mary Blades
Josephine Truitt m Nelson Guthrie
Ann Elizabeth Truitt m Robert Hickman
Everett Truitt m Martha Brimer
William Truitt m Emma Griffin

46 C: Purnell-Selby WR25-3-46 Chart D-1B
Elisha Purnell (1706-1767) m Mary Selby 
English branch of Purnell Family

47 C: Purnell-Selby WR25-3-47 Chart D-1A (cont)
Elisha Purnell (1706-1767) m Mary Selby 

48 C: Purnell-McClemmy WR25-1-50 Chart B-1 1/2 A
Descendants of Matthew Purnell, d 1791, and Mary Houston

49 F: Nelson
William Nelson, died 1729, married Elizabeth _______

50 C: Purnell-Outten WR25-1-50 Chart A
Descendants of Thomas Purnell, 1695-1769, and Mary Ottten

51 C: Purnell-Outten WR25-1-51 Chart A
Purnell-Murray WR25-1-51 Chart C
Purnell-Ratcliff WR25-1-51 Chart E
Purnell Charts
A Thomas Purnell (1695-1769) and Mary Outten (1702-1722)
B Matthew Purnell (1685-1761) and Martha McClemmy
C Walton Purnell and catherine Murray
C Elizabeth Purnell and _____Fullerton
D Benjamin Purnell
D Nana (Anne) Purnell (1706-1781) and John Fullerton, d 1746
D Elisha Purnell, b 1702, and Mary Selby
E Maj. John Purnell (John of Sinepuxent), d 1756, and Mary Ratcliff

52 C: Handy-Sewell WR25-12-52

53 F: Purnell-Selby 

54 C: Purnell-McClemmy WR25-2-52 Chart B 1/2 A
Descendants of Moses Purnell, d 1859, and wives Charlotte Maddox and Maria Bowen

55 F: Purnell-Dorman Chart B-1 1/2A

56 C: Purnell-McClemmy WR25-2-56 Chart B-1
Descendants of Benjamin Purnell, b 1740 and two wives Elizabeh Marshall and Sarah Irving, b 1750

57 None

58 F: Purnell-Dorman

59 None

60 C: Robins-Waters WR25-10-61
American Branch of the Robins family
Odedience Robin m 1634 Grace O'Neil Waters (1603-1682)

61 C: Spence-Jourdine/Jordaine
Adam Spence (1662-1733) m Madam Jourine

62 C: Purnell-Selby WR25-1-62 Chart D-1
Descendants of Elisha Purnell and Mary Selby

63 C: Purnell-McClemmy WR25-1-63 Chart B
Descendants of Thomas Purnell, Jr (1650-1723) and Elizabeth Hammond; Matthew Purnell (1700-1761) and Martha McClemmy

64 C: Purnell-McClemmy WR25-2-64 Chart B-2
Descendats of Stephen Duncan Purnell (1821-1874) and Mary Jane Laws (1827-1905)

65 C: Purnell-McClemmy WR25-2-65 Chart B-2
Matthew Purnell and Martha McClemmy updated charts-1966

66 C: Purnell-Ratcliff WR25-1-66 Chart E
Descendants of Maj. John Purnell (1698-1755) and Elizabeth Ratcliff (1700-bef 1755)

67 C: Purnell-Dorman WR25-3-67 Chart D-2
Elisha Purnell (1706-1767) m Mary Selby 
Ancestors of Katherine Goodin, second wife of Thomas Purnell (1650-1723)

68 C: Robins-Waters WR25-15-68
American Branch of the Robins family
English Branch
Odedience Robin m 1634 Grace O'Neil Waters (1603-1682)
Ancestors and descendants 

69 C: Bounds WR25-16-69
James Bounds (1676-1720) m Sarah Stevens
Ancestors and descendants- Ruth T. Dryden

70 C: Bishop-Bowen WR25-4-70 Chart D
Henry Bishop died 1656
Descendants of Capt. John Bishop (1754-1820) and Ann Godfrey

71 C: Rowley WR25-17-71
Richard Rowley d 1807 m Susanna ______ d 1816
Updated chart of descendants

72 F: Purnell-McClemmy

73 F: Truitt
Descendant charts of George Truitt, died 1670 VA
William D. Patrick charts
Truitt ancestors
Ancestors of Stephen Moore
Ancestors of Patey Truitt
Ancestor charts of George Truitt by Jeremiah F Truitt
Ancestor chart of William Truitt b 1778 in Worcester Co-d 1846 Ohio
Collection of papers used to identify William Truitt who died in Tenn

74 F: Bishop
Cemetery Records not included in Ruth Dryden's Worcester Co Cemetery Records
Bishop; Carey; Horace Carey Jr, Farm; Milby Hudson Farm and others

75 F: Hudson
Descendants of Edward Hudson (1786-1869 Indiana); Milby Hudson and Elizabeth Atkinson; Lot Hudson

76 F: Pilchard
Marriage records of Pilchard men at Snow Hill, MD

77 F: Robins
Photocopy of Robins family article from 1886 Richmond Standard
Robins Family and tract Gingoteague/Chincoteague

78 F: Spence
Descendants of Adam spence (1662-1733) and ___Jourdine
Additions to Spence Chart
Famous Spences

79-86 None

87 C: Truitt WR25-14-87 Chart B
George Truitt d 1690
Children of Capt Peter Truitt (1810-1889)
Mary Truitt m Thomas Hancock

88-93 F: Bishop
Family chart
1843 petition of George Bishop

94 F: Beacham
George William Beacham 1894-1951 m 1918 Effie Jane Forsyth

95 F: Wyatt
James Wyatt ( born 1800 Worcester Co) family history

96 F: Fooks
Descendants Sally Fooks, born 1782 James Henry Fooks, died 1871 

97 F: Smullen
Ancestors of Elizabeth Caroline Smullen (1844-1935) daughter of James Edward Smullen, b 1814 Worcester County Charts and citations
Ancestor charts of Peter Smullen (1775-1814)
Descendants of William Smullen (1660-1696)

98 F: Parker
Ancestors and descendants of Benjamin Parker (1766-1815)
Parker family Bible

99 F: Riggin
Descendants of John and Elizabeth Riggin
Riggin Cemetery-Somerset County

100 F: Sturgis
Descendants of John O. Sturgis (1762-1794) Philadelphia

101 F: Gunby
1868 John W. Gunby letter on family history

102 F: Long
Will abstract of Levin Long (1752-1823)

103 F: Hammond
Family history and descendants of Mark Hammond to VA in 1635

104 F: Adams
Family history and descendants of David Adams (1687-1762)

105 F: Tilghman
Record of Tilghman/Tillman family from 1225-1945

106 F: Beauchamp-Davis
Family notes and Bible record

107 F: Spence
Mary Spence, daughter of Thomas Spence (1867-1950) and Charlotte Augusta Calvert (1870-1953)

108 F: Handy
Ancestors and descendants of Richard Henry Handy (1771-1826)

109 F: Pilchard
Thomas Pilchard (1770-1864) m Nancy Ellis (1777-1852
Descendants and Bible records of Warner Pilchard, d 1853, and Elizabeth _____, d 1856

110 F: Hancock
William Hancock (1814-18840 m Sarah H. Tracy (1826-1863)
Family records, history and genealogy

111 F: Adams
Descendants of Somerset Co family with will abstracts and cemetery records

112 F: Pilchard
Miscellaneous notes
Adams, Pilchard, Payne, Henderson

113 F: Cotton/Cottingham
Thomas and Priscilla Cottingham Charts and family group sheets

114 F: Clowes
Clowes Family Ancestors, Descendants and current Cousins
Samuel Clowes (1674-1760) m Catherine Dow (1673-1840)

115 F: Trader 
Notes by RV Trader
Biograghy of Harvey C. Trader
Family group
Bible record of George H. Trader

116 F: Milbourne
26Janary 1800 will of John Milbourne
Family bible data

117 F: Adkins
Stephen Adkins and Anne Margaret _____ Register of births
Newspaper clipping regarding land records 

118 F: Hancock
Daniel Hancock born 1702
Register report Bible records

119 F: Richardson
Robert Martin Richardson died 1682 m Susanna Smith born 1642
Family lines

120 F: Townsend
John Townsend (1640-1698) m 2) 9 Feb 1662 Elizabeth Danford

121 F: Waters
Col. William Waters died 1685 m Margaret Robins
Descendant charts

122 F: Spence
John Selby Spence, born 29 Feb 1788, grandson of Adam Spence, m Sarah M. Purnell (1798-1829)

123 F: Selby
Thomas Selby, Sr. (1630-1702) m Mary Cornelius
Family charts; history

124 F: Patrick
Roger Patrick, died 1687 m Anne Bishop (daughter of Henry Bishop), died 1686
Persons related to Patrick family

125 F: Purnell
Thomas Purnell (1619-1694) m Elizabeth Dorman
Will; Family charts

126 F: Long
Samuel Long, born 1645 m1) 1667/68 Jane Minshull m2) 1693/94 Elizabeth King
Family lines Chaille, Dryden

127 F: Hearn
James T. Hearn m 7 July 1859 Leah A. Hearn
Bible record

128 F: Hill
Joshua Hill m Sarah ______ born 1844
Family chart

129 F: Jackson
Samuel Jackson, died 1688 m 22 Oct 1672 Ann Clarke
Family charts

130 F: Dukes
Daniel Dukes born 18 June 1814 m Eleanor Taylor born 1815
Family records

131 F: Dennis
Donnock Dennis (1645-1716) m Ellice _____ perhaps Littleton
Family records

132 F: Child
Benjamin Child of Masschusetts in 1640 Descendant Alfred Child in Stockton late 1800s
Family history 

133 F: Bowen-Bradford Broughton-Beauchamp
Family charts
Bradford Desendants Newsletter

134 F: Holloway
Benjamin Holloway born 8 Sept 1776 m 1792 Susanna Wilson (1776-1855)
Family records

135 F: Selby-Davis
Thomas Selby died 1701 m Mary Cornelius
Family Chart

136 F: Henderson
Lemuel Henderson died 1797 m Scarborough ______
Wills; Family records

137 F: Reed
Thomas Reed born 26 Aug 1807 m 1829 Elizabeth Taylor

138 F: Handy
Statement of interest by descendant of Harry Winfield Handy of Queenstown, MD, son of George W. Handy

139 F: Pepper
Joshua Samuel Pepper born 4 Oct 1916 Worcester Co -died 20 Mar 1916 Kansas Family group sheet

140 F: Littleton
Abraham Littleton born 17 Aug 1775 m 1) 14 July 1802 Martha Timmons
m 2) 1 Sept 1825 Leah _______

141 F: Parsons
Thomas, William and Solomon Parsons to America ca 1635
Family records

142 F: Cropper
John Cropper (1645-1700) m Rhoda Lambert Fawcett
Family records
Cropper Family Newsletters

143 F: Elzey
John Elzey died 1808/1812 m 1782 Mary Driskill

144 F: Hook
McKemmy Hook (1785-1825) m 1818 Nancy Clavell
Family charts and notes

145 F: Purnell-Veazy
Thomas Purnell died 1693
Correspondence regarding family research

146 F: Hudson
Richard Hudson born 1659 m Mary Bowman
Family charts
The Journal of Selby Hudson

147 F: Evans
Worcester County family names from History of Shelby County, Missouri
Coard, Duncan, Ennis, Evans, Melson

148 F: Figgs
Benjamin Figgs (183-1875) m Leah Elliot, born 1816 in DE
Family chart

149 F: Esham
Daniel Esham died 1693 m Susanna Thomas
Family charts

150 F: Maddux
Alexander Mattocks (1613-1659) m 1651 Eleanor White died 1692
Family charts


151 F: McGath
Owen McGath m 1676 Mary Benderwell/Henderwell
Index of variant spellings

152 F: Hamlin
George Hamlin m 1658 Elizabeth Rodolphus, widow of William
Bible records-MdGenSoc

153 F: Beathards
Thomas Beathards/Bethards (1804-1891) m 1826 Elizabeth Jane Phillips
Family charts
"They Went West"-Bethard Newsletter

154 F: Burbage
Elias Burbage, died 1791 m Martha _____
Family charts

155 F: Jones
Isaac Jones (1808-1859) m 1830 Eliza Bonneville (1814-1890)
Family charts and letters

156 F: Bratten
Nathaniel Bratten, died before Feb 1800 m 1780 Comfort Dale (1742-1806) To Tenn
Family charts

157 F: Long
Samuel Long (1645-1695), son of Henry Long b 1613, m 1667 Jane Mitchell/Minshall,
m 2) 1693 Elizabeth King
History; Family charts

158 F: Robbins
Francis Robbins (1803-1872) To KY in 1828

159 F: Townsend
Jacob Townsend (1845-1899) m Mary Emily Adams (1845-1914)
Family charts

160 F: Teague
GeorgeW. Teague (1823-1873) m ca 1848 Zillah Ann Payne (1828-1913) To Missouri in 1871

161 F: Milburn
Nicholas Milburn (1756-1827) m 1785 Jane Moody
Family chart

162 F: Hurley
Gilbert Hurley, b1784 m 1805 Mary crosley (1786-1862)
Family chart

163 F: Powell
Zadock Powell (1781-1856) m Sarah _____, d 1828
Family records

164 F: Laws
John Laws, d 1697 m 1671 Katherine Bosman Nelson, b 1671
Family charts

165 F: Richards
Elijah Richards (1764-1845) m 1792 Mary Gomell, d 1847
Family chart

166 F: Bowen
William Bowen, died 1660 m Ann____, died 1695. She m 2) Henry Bishop
Family charts
Records of marriages, notes on taxables, land records

167 F: Brittingham
John Brittingham (The younger, son of William), died 1654 To MD 1659
Family charts and history

168 None

169 F: Calloway
Zacariah Calloway, born 1745-50 m ca 1770 Ellenor (Boyd?) To Augusta county, VA by 1775

170 F: Landon
George Walstn Landon (1790-1863) m 1811 Elizabeth (Tull?) d 1822
Family chart

171 F: Burch
James George Washington Burch, b 1851 in Indiana-d 1933, m Fannie Bogle
Family chart

172 F: Hartley
Richard Hartly immigrated 1778
List of descendents

173 F: Tarr
John Tarr, born ca 1695, m Mary Elizabeth _____
Family charts; Bible records

174 F: Hall
Thomas Hall (1724-1772) m Rebecca (Story) Hall, born 1730
Chart and History of family

175 C: Purnell-Dorman WR25-4-175

176 F: Heward
Zachariah Heward, born 1702, son of John and Sarah Heward, m Esther _____

177 F: Henry
Rev. John Henry from Ireland ca 1700 died 1717, m Mary King
Family charts; history
Related families-Purnell, Marshall 

178 F: Atkinson
James Atkinson (1665-1721) m Patience Haggaman
Family histories, charts

179 F: Staton
Joseph Staton died 1710 m Jane ____
Family history

180 F: Huxford
Thomas Huxford (1800-1877) m Hannah Smith (1791-1840)
Family chart

181 F: Tingle
George Roberts Tingle (1775-1830) m Sarah McFarland
Family history, charts

182 F: Straughn
David Henry Straughn (1775-1830) m 1861 Mary Q. Gladden (1839-1916)
Family charts, Bible records

183 F: Lindsay
James Lindsay m Elizabeth ____ Wills dated 1671 and 1677
Family history, Bible records

184 F: Sturgis
John sturgis (1693-1744) m ca 1714 1) Mary ____ m2) Elizabeth _______
Family charts

185 F: Davis
Robert Davis (1674-1769), son of Robert who died 1706
Family records, chart

186 F: Callahan
Capt. John Callahan (1802-1884)

187 F: Harris
Charles Harris (1752-1830) m 1) 1772 Mary Green m2) 1796 Hannah Noble
Family chart

188 F: Bennett
Benjamin Bennett (1779-1836)
Bible records

189 F: Bonneville
James Wise Bonneville (1810-1882) m 1839 Harriet Webb, born 1820

190 F: Wise
John Wise (1617-1695) m 1637 Hannah Scarburgh
Lineage charts

191 F: Bowdoin
Pierre Bowdoin died 1706 in Boston, Mass m in France Elizabeth ____
Copy of family history booklet

192 F: Byrd
Benjamin Byrd (1757-1831) m Jane Downs (1774-1822)
Letter regarding family history and descendents

193 F: Dale
Isaac James Dale (1818-1842) m 1842 Elizabeth Manlove (1822-1898)
Family charts

194 F: Fassit
Capt. William Fassitt died ca 1734 m Mary Fenwick
Letters regarding family history

195 F: Kelly
Henry Kelly
Letter and copy of Power of Attorney dated 27 June 1797

196 F: Johnson
Affradozi Johnson died ca 1745 m Sarah Purnell
Descendents, history of family

197 F: Dryden
David Dryden (1665 Scotland-1744 Somerset Co) m Jane ____
Chart of descendents and allied families

198 F: Freeman
Isaac Freeman (1812-1916 ae 104) m 1830 Hannah Fisher

199 F: Outten
Isaac Outten (1748-1820) m 1744 Sarah Waggaman
List of descendents

200 F: Horsey
Nathaniel Horsey m Mary Milbourn
Copy of will dated 5 July 1721

201 F: Tull

202 F: Vincent
Joseph Vincent m 1) 1794 Nancy Wingate, d 30 Aug 1814
m 2) 10 Oct 1816 Keziah Carmine
Bible records

203 F: Willett
Ambroce Willett b c 1680 m c 1700 Ruth ____
History of family 

204 F: Calvert
George Calvert 1578-1632 m Anne Mynne 1579-1622
Family chart

205 F: Redden
John Redden 1759-1801 m1) Eleanor m 2) Sarah Schoolfield
History of family

206 F: Marshall
Skinner Marshall m 4 June 1797 Dorchester Co Margaret Bennett
Family records

207 F: Wilkerson

208 F: Clayville/Clavell
Juran W. Clayville b 1847 m 27 Dec 1865 Isaac M. Jones
Descendants charts of Clayville and Jones families 

209 F: Wilson
Ephraim Wilson b 2 Dec 1664 in Ireland- 1733 m Elizabeth Davis b 14 Feb 1669
Family history

210 F: Collier
William Collier 1760-c 1814 
Copy of application to DAR

211 F: Ironshire
Isaac Ironshire/Aronshire d 31 Jan 1735 m Mary ______ who m 2) Capt Adam Bravard
Family history

212 F: Bishop
Edward Bishop (Delaware branch) d c 1826 m1) Comfort _____
m 2) Rebecca Stevenson b c 1785 

213 F: Scott
Walter Scott m Apphia ____ came to America in 1618
Family history

214 F: Baker
Edward Baker d 1664
Family history

215 F: Lane
Walter Lane m 1684 Sarah Gunby
Family charts

216 None

217 F: Morris
Benjamin Morris 1821-18 Apr 1878 m Druscilla Johnson 11 Sept 1823-2 Sept 1880
Line of descent with various records

218 F: Woodson
John Woodson emigrated to VA in 1625
Allied families of Morton and Venables

219 F: Covington
Isaac Covington d 1845 m 25 Mar 1826 Amelia Franklin
Family history

220 F: Hamblen
Newsletter- The Hamblen Connector 

221 F: Hayman-Ellis
John Hayman of Somerset Co 1812
List of Descendants

222 F: Phipps
John Phipps b c1687
Various records

223 F: Shockley
Benjamin Shockley c1717-1791 aka The Old Defender-monograph m Mary Noble 
Elijah Shockley Ancestor chart, Chart of descendants

224 F: Allen
Joshua Allen
Descendants chart

225 F: Wheeler
John Wheeler 1658-1709
Descendants chart

226 F: Butler
Zachariah Butler 1754-1836 m 1802 Rachel Garrison b 1769-d 1838
Family group charts, Bible records

227 F: London
Major Ambrose London m 1644 Mary Goor
Copy of article from The American Genealogist

228 F: Noble
William Noble, Sr. c1640-1709 m Jennet/Jane
Ancestor charts

229 F: Bredell/Briddell
Joshua Briddell b 1810 m Anne b 1820
Descendants charts

230 F: Fleming

231 F: Stevenson
Samuel Stevenson b 1675
Family charts

232 F: Pitts
Hillary Pitts 1754-1829 m 1) Ester Powell 1757-1791 m 2) ?Zipporah Hill
m 3) ?Sally Prker m 4) ?Catherine Richards Purnell
Family history

233 F: Mason
Amy Mason, daughter of Robert Mason who d 1677, m John Abbott
Research report

234 F: Timmons/Corkwell
Stephen Timmons m 1807 Mary Corkwell
Descendants of Timmons and Corkwell families

235 F: Johnson
Eleazor Johnson d 1780 m Alice ____ d 1801
Family charts

236 F: Brittingham
Isaac Brittingham, son of William 1688-1771 m ca 1710 Elizabeth Hudson
Family history (LPDryden), charts

237 F: Landing
Thomas Landing d ca 1830 m Rachel Gunby Powell
Descendants charts and other records

238 F: Waller
John Waller b 1625 m 1660 Alice Major
Descendants chart

239 F: Dennis
Donnoch Dennis 1645-1716 m 31 July 1661 Elice Nebulian
Genealogy From the Dennis Side of the Family by Jean Phillips Whitaker
Ancestor Charts

240 F: Mumford
Thomas Mumford d 1728 m Sarah Richardson, daughter of Robert
Family history, Descendants charts and lists

241 F: Davis
John Davis 1765-1807 m Zipporah Baynum
Pedigree charts, extensive lists of Davises

242 F: Dale
John Dale 1686-1778 m Elizabeth McKnight 1703-1775 
Family history, list of Dales

243 F: Bainum/Baynum
Ananias Banum b ca 1765 m Nancy Collins b 1770
Family group records

244 F: Baker
George Baker 1775-1845 m 17 Jan 1828 Hetty Dale
Family history, lists of descendants

245 F: Lewis
John Lewis 1619-1696 m Lucretia Potts
Family groups

246 F: Littleton
Nathaniel Littleton m Ann Southy
Will dated 1656, various articles from Virginia Historical Magazine

247 F: Fooks
Also Fowke, History of family in Europe and America

248 F: Bowen
Stephen Bowen born 1810 m 25 May 1834 Margaret Tar

249 F: Brittingham
Williwm Brittingham 1640-1709 m Mary Williams
Family historical records prepared for Donna Brittingham

250 F: Mason
Peter Mason 1801-1853 son of Daniel m Eleanor Redden 1799-1863
Ancestry and Family group charts


251 F: Houston
Robert Houston 1633-1694 m Grace ____ 
Family of Accomack, Northampton, Worcester Counties To Ohio
Family history

252 F: Dixon
Huet/Hewitt Dixon, Sr. 1784-1864 m Oct 1809 Delilah Fooks d 1860
Family group sheets

253 F: Merrill
William Merrill 1784/90-1834 m Elizabeth ____ d 1830
Family group record

254 F: Rounds
James Rounds 1820-1863 m 1846 Lola _____ b 1828
Family history and charts

255 F: Irwin/Irving
John Irwin b 1697 m Mary Pryde
Booklets of Family background before immigration

256 F: Aydelott
Benjamin Aydelott 1640-1704 m in Som Co Marie Sachon
Family group sheets and records

257 F: McDaniel
John McDaniel 1737-1789 m Elizabeth Phillips d 1786
Family chats and history

258 F: Lambertson
Henry Lambertson 1645-1680 m 1669 Katherine schoolfield 1650-1702
Family charts and history

259 F: Gootee
John T. Gootee 1793-1878 m 13 July 1820 Mary Verdin 1790-1883
Family charts and notes

260 F: Gayle
John Gayle granted 284 acres in Gloucester Co, VA
Family history 

261 F: Pusey
Whittington Pusey 1825-1907 m Amanda ___
Family history, Our Family Tree by Todd Loren Pusey

262 F: Blades 
Samuel Blades b 1727 m1) Amelia Barnes m2) 1766 Mary Pilchard
Family records: Vital statistics

263 F: Hales
David Hales 1846-1916 m Zipporah Gibbs 1849-1895
Lists of Descendants, Allied families, misc records

264 F: White 
John White d by 1723
Family Tree

265 F: Martin
Capt. John Martin 1716-1763 m ?Eleanor Dashiell
Generation charts, family histories

266 F: Quillen
Thomas Quillen 1813-1884 m ca 1836 Rachel Ann Jackson 1822-1896
Family history, list of descendants 

267 F: Birch
Thomas Birch 1827-1910 m 11 Oct 1856 Martha Jane Bowen 1829-1910
Family Tree, Descendants charts See also F:268-Gibbs 

268 F: Gibbs
John James Gibbs b 27 July 1847 m 24 Sept 1871 Sarah Elizabeth Powell 3 Nov 1847-
10 Feb 1929
Family history, Descendants See also F:263 Hales and F:267 Birch

269 F: Benson
Moses Benson d 10 Dec 1832 m Nancy ____ d 1819
Pedigree chart

270 F: Hutt
Solomon Hutt d 1788 m Sarah ____
African American family history

271 F: Brereton/Brewington
Thomas Brereton/Brewington d 1788 m 1) Jane Claiborne d/o William m2) Grace __
widow of Richard Span
Copies of several letters re: family history and descendants 

272 F: Ruark
Ezekial Ruark b 1739 m 1763 Rachel Esham b 1745
Family group sheets, copies of land records

273 F: Bloxom
John Bloxom d 1715 Immigrated as indentured servant in 1669 m Mary ____
Research report

274 F: Brown
George Brown m Ann Wilson 
List of children; excerpts from Brown notebook

275 F: Stevenson
John Slemmons Stevenson 1807-1867 m 12 May 1827 Mary Gore Handy Tingle 1804-1853
Book-A Sketch of John Slemmons Stevenson by John S. McMasters- with references to several Lower Shore families

276 F: Jones
William Jones b 23 Sept 1666 m 1692 Katherine Dashiell b 15 Sept 1672 Somerset Co
Descendants charts

277 F: Crockett
Richard Crockett ca1658-1727 Somerset Co
History and descendants of family

278 F: Shockley
Handy B. Shockley 28 Apr 1837-16 July 1905 m 1) Martha A. ____ 1840-1885 m 2) Mary E. ____ 1861-1907
List of 12 children; bible record 

279 F: Campbell
Josiah Campbell 1810-1899
Story of Josiah's life as ictated by him to his son; Ancestor chart 

280 F: Beachboard
William Beachboard 1722-1761
List of descendants

281 F: Jones
Levin Jones 1825-1912 m 1853 Louisa C. Hancock 1834-1914
Bible records

282 F: Driscoll
Moses Driskell/Driscoll 1689-1721 m Winifred ______
Descendants charts

283 F: Cottingham
Thomas Cottingham 1640-1688 Som Co m 1666 Mary Dixon
History of family, Descendant records

284 F: Coard/Cord
William Cord 1683-1760 m Esther/Sarah Robins
History of family and descendants

285 F: Makemie
Francis Makemie 1658-1708 m Naomi Anderson
Histories of Makemie's life by RS Uhbrock and daughter Anne

286 F: Godfrey
Charles Godfrey to MD 1680-d 1744 m Mary Bowen Bishop
Family charts and records

287 F: Wailes
George Wailes d 1791 Som Co
Family chart

288 F: Adkins
Peter Adkins b 1825 m 1853 Elizabeth ____
Family group records
Allied families: Brown, Gibbs, Gray, Hales, Holland, Moore, Truitt

289 F: Northam
Henry Clay Northam b 1861 m 1892 Annie Hancock
Sketch of Henry's life; history of Northam famly

290 F: Brittingham
Research of Della Rounds Pusey Gift of Brittingham Family

291 F: Watson
Peter Watson 1820-1883 m Susan Handy 1828-1911 Son of David, 1st keeper of Assateague lighthouse
Family charts

292 F: Bishop
Lemuel Bishop m before 1803 Hannah Brattan
Family descendant charts

293 F: Ayres
John J. Ayres 1834-1929 m 1875 Aralanta Coffin 1850-1915
Bible records

294 F: Milbourne
John Milbourne will dated 26 Jan 1800
Collection of By the Mill Born newsletters 1976-1984
Extensive information on Milbourne family in England and America 

295 F: Tull
Richard Tull 1650-1710 m 1671 Martha Rhodes b 1654
Collection of newsletter Tull Tracings
Extensive information on Tull family

296 F: Peyton
Rober Peyton, immigrated 1660
History of family

297 F: Powell
Samuel Powell, 1616-1666
Descendants, bible records

298 F: Bailey/Bayley
John T. Bailey m 1887 Annie M. Trader
Family register, Somerset Co records

299 F: Cullen
George Cullen m 1673 Avis Grottin
Cullen Family-SomCo, VRs of descendants 

300 F: McGrath
John McGrath immigrated ca1790 m 1797 Nancy Smith
Family history, descendants 

301 F: Murrell
John Murrell, 1799-1868 m 1822 Lucretia Mackey

302 F: Taylor
George Taylor, d 1728 m Comfort Johnson, b 1695

303 F: Stagg
Heirs of Lucy Montgomery Stagg, died 1892

304 F: Causey
Joshua T. Causey
Letter of recommendation dated 1839

305 F: Rayne
John Rayne/Rain
Misc papers and records

306 F: Carey Family News
Thomas Cary, b 1613 to VA 1639 m Susanna Limberry
Family Newsletter

307 F: Pattey
John Pattey/Patey
Son Richard b 1693
Charts of descendants 

308 F: Bentz
George Bentz, b 1807 m 1833 Nancy Bentz, b 1812
Page from German bible record

309 F: Spencer
John Spencer, 1752-1822 m 1) 1775 Frances Cottman, 1750-1814, m2) Mary Bennett

310 F: Riley
Thomas Riley 1793-1869 m Elizabeth Wyckoff 1792-1862
Missouri family

311 F: Bounds, et al
Somerset county Bible records: Bounds, Bradley, Carver, Dashiell, Fawcett, Green, Hall, Hynson, Palmer, Peyton, Riggen, Sharpley, Sterling, Vetra, Waller

312 F: Gibbons/Harris
Correspondence of Dora Harris

313 F: Duffield
William F. Duffield, 1872-1930 m Amanda P Mccloskey, b 1872
Birth and death certificates

314 F: Gray
Florinda Gray, 1862-1914 m 1882 ____
Pedigree chart

315 F: Breddell
David Bridell, b ca 1804 m Sarah Holloway
Family charts, correspondence 

316 F: Lamden
Thomas Lambden bef 1725-bef 1795 m Mary ____
Family group sheets 

317 F: Showell
Sameul Showell d 1708 m Mary _____
Family history, descendants

318 F: Curtis
William H. Curtis m 1828 Mary William Taylor Adams 1807-1881
Descendants, Hayward descendants

319 F: Granger
Joseph Granger, 1747-1791 m Anne Dugat/Dugas
List of neutral Acadians expelled from Canada

320 F: Whaley
Various records

321 F: Spear
Henry Spear, Jr. bought land 1756
Various records

322 F: Payne
William Payne d 1845 
Ancestry chart; Hancock, Hudson families

323 F: Hudson Family Newsletter
Bulletins 1979-1988

324 F: Hargis
Thomas Hargis 1647-1715 m Susannah Lea
Family group record

325 F: Rounds
Mae Arbia Rounds ca 1890
Genealogical study of an African-American family

326 F: Mitchell
Lemuel Mitchell b 1824 m 1847 Isabella Pinkney b 1823
Family bible record

327 F: Hubbell
Edward Hubbell 1815-1865 m 1841 Margaretta Snyder 1824-1849
Bible records

328 F: Mills
William Mills 1695-1750 m 1717 Hannah Noble 1686-1750 Som Co
Pedigree charts

329 None

330 F: Patton
William Patton d 1715 m Eleanor Campbell d 1738
Pedigree charts

331 F: West
Thomas West d 1707 m Elizabeth _____ d after 1708 Som Co
Descendants chart

332 None

333 F: Pointer
Justice Pointer 1776/84-1822 m Betsy Baker 
Descendants list

334 F: Duncan
Thomas Duncan 1718-1762 m Elizabeth d 1774/78
Brief genealogy

335 F: Holston
Lt. Col. John Holston ca1768-1828 m 1806 Huldah Richardson 1786-1847
Descendats list

336 F: Bailey
Littleton Bailey 1796-1876 m Elizabeth Dickerson 1807-1867
Ancestor chart

337 F: Carey
James Carey 1835-bef 1900 s/o David Carey and Nancy Hammond m 22 Feb 1858 Wor Co Amelia M. Shockley
List of descendants

338 F: Tubbs
John Tubbs 1757-1797 
Descendants list

339 F: Lowe
Ralph Lowe, possible s/o Robert Som Co, 1728-1793
Descendants list

340 F: Ker
Edward Ker d 1790 m before 1755 Margaret Shepherd ES VA
Descendants list

341 F: Whaley
Thomas Whaley 1765-1825 in Tenn m 1791 Margaret Brattan in Wor Co
Family history, descendants, misc records

342 F: Givan(s)
James R. Givans b 1816 m 1837 Priscilla Eleanor Parsons
Family group sheets

343 F: Jarman
William Jarman d 1796 m Magdalena ____ 
Family research, descendants charts

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