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Information For Parents And Caregivers

Spending quality time with our kids and teens is critical to their growth and development—and it fosters strong bonds and relationships. But, in our fast-paced lives, finding opportunities for quality time together can be a daily challenge.

Worcester County Library is a great place for families to connect and learn together.  We have resources and programs to spark imagination, encourage reading, help develop critical thinking and prepare and support kids and teens in school and life.  

Read Together

Reading together and being involved in what your kids are reading helps them in school while also reinforcing the joy of reading. And reading together doesn’t have to stop once your kids can read on their own. Reading anything—comics, poems, graphic novels, magazines or books—out loud together is a great way to spend time with older kids and teens.

Learn Together

Homework is a fact of life for students. So before you find yourself “stuck” while helping with a science project or prepping for a math quiz, take time to learn about homework help and tutoring services at the library.

Play Together

There's always something fun going on at the library, whether it's a summer reading program where you can meet a boa constrictor, or a virtual storytime that you can watch together from home. Check out our upcoming events!

We hope to see you at the library soon!

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