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Summer Reading 2022 Book Lists: Oceans of Possibilities

Join us this summer for "Oceans of Possibilities!" Need inspiration for your summer reading goals? Want to learn more about the sea and its creatures? Check out these book lists compiled by your librarians.

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Welcome to Summer Reading 2022!

Are you ready for a summer of fun, prizes, and reading? Then it's time to set sail on the Oceans of Possibilities!


These lists have been created by Worcester County Library staff to help you discover all of our wonderful books. Sign up for our Summer Reading Program to log your reading and complete fun challenges. Not sure what to read? Looking for some fun and informative ocean-inspired books? Check out these lists! If you need more suggestions, be sure to stop by your local branch to see our themed displays or get assistance from your friendly librarian. 


What is Your Favorite Sea Creature?
Shark: 11 votes (15.07%)
Giant squid: 1 votes (1.37%)
Jellyfish: 6 votes (8.22%)
Seahorse: 15 votes (20.55%)
Horseshoe crab: 6 votes (8.22%)
Skate or ray: 7 votes (9.59%)
Sea star: 7 votes (9.59%)
Hermit crab: 8 votes (10.96%)
Whale: 9 votes (12.33%)
Sea anemone: 3 votes (4.11%)
Total Votes: 73
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